As a Serrala partner, we are an international provider of smart solutions for both inbound and outbound payments as well as all related financial processes. We optimize the entire realm of enterprise size company payments delivering efficient cash visibility and secure monetary processes.

Order to Cash

An End-to-End Process Automation Solution for Inbound Payments: Entire cycle from Purchase Order to Payment Receipt.

Serrala delivers the height of Order to Cash Solutions.

Credit Management, Cash Application, Collection and Disputes, Risk & Compliance.

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Procure to Pay

Fast, Accurate and transparent supplier management, processing of invoices and outgoing payments. The process is completely automated from invoice received to finalization of the payment process. 

Supplier Onboarding, Invoice Capturing, Invoice Validation, Invoice Processing, Supplier Payments.

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Treasury and Cash Visibility

Cash Visibility in Real Time to Enhance Working Capital Management.

It is imperative for actual cash flow management to be based upon real time insights. Over and above the limitation of the risk exposure to volatile markets and strong exchange rate fluctuations, managing corporate cash movements in the correct way is a strategic benefit to the company.

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Global Outbound Payments Solutions

Serrala provides the platform for transparency, compliance, efficiency and fraud prevention.

Solving the issues of multiple B2B payments which differ from each country to the next including new types of payment methods and third party payment service providers (PSP).

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Data and Documents Management

Delivering operational savings, heightened productivity and risk reduction.

A fully fledged set of software solutions for businesses to control information and to utilize their data across the complete information lifespan according to the company's specific requirements.

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